Tournament Results

Tournament Results

Congratulations to our Lucky Winners of the October 4, 2015 $10,000 Slot Tournament

PlaceNameLast 4 Digit of AccountPrize
1W PAUL B.57395000
2FELICIA W.15102000
3DONALD E.70851000
4CHARLES B.472850
5ROLAND F.866450
6SAMANTHA E.067050
7MARA P.514150
8MARY F.813350
9JOHN R.597150
10GARY B.744750
11FERNANDO V.620650
12ROBERT L.853150
14BARBARA W.491550
15ANTHONY L.849850
16RICKY O.816150
17DONNA Y.985750
18JOYCE D.258450
19JUDITH M.660250
20CONCETTA M.353850
21MORENA M.167550
22EILEEN C.501650
23JOHN C.923150
24ANNETTE S.732250
25DOMINIC R.574050
26MAUREEN K.628050
27FRANK F.774350
28IRIS M.343450
29WILLIAM K.170250
30SAMUEL S.337850
31GYULA G.326950
32RAYMOND K.724850
33RAYMOND F.524550
34MARIA B.883150
35ANTHONY L.617050
36DAVID D.102250
37TERRI L.555950
38CAROUNE L.059250
39DIANE G.900150
40SUSAN G.530550
41DEBORAH H.005950
42JOSE C.228450
43TAMERA R.944650
44TZE LING P.181450
45LYNN A.109750
46CHARLES V.990150
47LESTER S.966550
48INGEBORG M.426550
49JANETTE C.047650
50TODD N.483350

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*Must be 21 years of age or older and show valid ID and a 24K Select Club card. All prizes will be awarded as Free Play. Free Play awarded is automatically downloaded onto your account. Free Play cannot be converted into cash and must be wagered or abandoned. Free Play prize is valid for 48 Hours. Any unclaimed free play prizes will be forfeited. Management reserves the right to determine eligibility and participant of entrants to satisfy any dispute in a reasonable manner and to void or modify this promotion at any time.

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