Tournament Results

Tournament Results

Congratulations to our Lucky Winners of the October 18, 2015 $10,000 Slot Tournament

PlaceNameLast 4 Digit of AccountPrize
1RYAN P.46935000
2KIMBERLY D.91372000
3LOUISA M.05841000
4JOSEPH B.247850
5JOAN L.284050
6SUZZANE G.619150
7RUTH H.132250
8RUTH P.122350
9MICHAEL S.547950
10MICHAEL M.584550
11JOYCE N.545850
12JANETTE C.047650
13KEVIN A.953350
15BRUCE P.157250
16DENNIS M.136950
17JEAN-PAUL B.437450
18JAMES P.452250
19LESLEE W.197750
20MATTHEW J.252050
21TANGER B.149650
22VERONICA M.467050
23EDWARD C.243850
24JAMES H.226150
25GEORGINA C.543250
26CHARLES V.990150
27BETTY G.957750
28CHARLES C.221450
29SANDRA P.240050
30WILLIAM R.125850
31WILLIAM D.291250
32ANNE P.808250
33CECELIA S.705050
34MICHAEL A.176150
35MONICA H.624850
36CATHERINE N.720750
37ANITA G.461650
38ANN C.223450
39CONNIE C.122350
40ROBERTA K.826250
41ANN W.528750
42MICHAEL S.291150
43JOHN D.187150
44LINDA M.327950
45BRYAN B.040150
46BRIAN M.525050
47JAMES R.269650
48BARBARA D.291050
49MARY L.358650
50ROBERT B.183550

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*Must be 21 years of age or older and show valid ID and a 24K Select Club card. All prizes will be awarded as Free Play. Free Play awarded is automatically downloaded onto your account. Free Play cannot be converted into cash and must be wagered or abandoned. Free Play prize is valid for 48 Hours. Any unclaimed free play prizes will be forfeited. Management reserves the right to determine eligibility and participant of entrants to satisfy any dispute in a reasonable manner and to void or modify this promotion at any time.

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