Get in the action in the brand new poker room at the Golden Nugget Casino Hotel Biloxi. The new poker room features nine live action, smoke-free tables featuring various poker games such as 2/5 No Limit with a $4 time drop, 1/3 No Limit, 4/8 No Limit, Omaha and Stud– just to name a few. Additional features include a Brush, a Poker Cage and 10 new televisions. Play live action with your 24 KARAT CARD to earn comps for every hour played and poker room hotel rates Sunday-Thursday.

Now offering $2 comps per hour of play.


  • Splash the Pot Sunday 8am till Friday 4pm
    We will splash the pot randomly every hour every table. Buzzer located behind the poker podium will randomly sound every hour, indicating that it’s time to splash the pot.
  • Aces Cracked Sunday 8am till Friday 4pm, Happy Hour 2pm-6pm and Midnight to 4am.
    Any player getting pocket Aces Cracked could win $25, $50, $75 or $100. Players will draw from a drum after getting Aces Cracked and pull an envelope out to see what Cash Prize they have won. During happy hour you will win double for the cash prize you drew from the drum.
  • 24KT Gold Progressive this will RUN 24/7
    Players making a Royal Flush, Straight Flush or any Four of a Kind with both cards playing will win the amount of the progressive for that hand.
  • 7-Card Stud High Hand this will RUN 24/7
    Highest hand will receive $40 every hour for mixed games or $80 every for Stud Games.
  • Omaha Wheel Them Out this will RUN 24/7
    Anybody that loses high and low ends of the pot with four wheel cards in their hand (hole cards) wins $100 dollars.


  • Monday @7pm $65 No Limit Hold’Em Freeze-Out Tournament-
    $50 Entry+$2 Registration+$3 Promotion+10 Optional Dealer Appreciation.
  • Tuesday @7pm $100 No Limit Hold’Em Bounty Tournament-
    $65 Entry+$2 Registration+$3 Promotion+$10 Optional Dealer Appreciation+$20 Bounty.
  • Thursday @7pm $70 No Limit Hold’Em Re-Entry Tournament- $55 Entry+$2 Registration+$3 Promotions+$10 Optional Dealer Appreciation/Optional $50 Re-Entry.
  • Wednesday and Sunday @7pm $40 No Limit Hold’Em Rebuy Tournament- $25 Entry+$2 Registration+$3 Promotions+$10 Optional Dealer Appreciation. Players may rebuy for $20 or do a double rebuy for $40. At the first break you may Add-On for $25

  • Please see the Poker Supervisor for complete rules and details of each promotion and tournament and Bad Beat Tournament Jackpot.

Restrictions apply. See the poker room for more details on all promotions, tournaments and bad beat jackpot rules. Promotions are subject to change. Must be 21 or older to participate. Management reserves all rights.