Upcoming Tournaments

Events and dates are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice. Participation is based solely on availability and management discretion. Management reserves all rights.

On The River 2015 On the River Poker Series
March 7-8

$15,000 Prize Pool Guaranteed! $100 Buy-in 12,000 Starting Chips - 16+ Tables - No Limit - 30-minute Level

Limited seating available. Reserve your seat by contacting a Casino Host or VIP Reservations or you can register at 8:00am (PST) the morning of the event in Gold Diggers. For more information, please email

$40,000 Blarney Bucks Slot Tournament
March 12-14

All entrants win cash! $100 Entry fee.

$20,000 March Mayhem Blackjack Tournament
March 20-22

First place wins $10,000! $50 Entry fee.

$25,000 Royal Riches Video Poker Tournament
March 26-28

First place wins $7,500! All entrants win cash. $50 Entry fee.

For More Info...

For more information or to make a reservation for any of these tournaments call 1-866-714-4185, or send an email to