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Golden Nugget Atlantic City

Tournament Leaderboard

Now - September 30, 2017

The Tournament Leaderboard will keep track of points that players will earn for entering in any one of Golden Nugget's Poker Tournaments. Additional points will be awarded to those players who finish "in the money". Players will earn one (1) point for each tournament entry and re-entry fee purchased and will earn additional points if they finish "in the money". The calculation of points earned for "finishing in the money" will be based on the number of winners paid.

Example: Paying 5 spots

  • 1st Place will earn 1 point for entering the tournament, plus 5 points x 2 for a total of 11 points.
  • 2nd Place will earn 1 point for entering the tournament plus 4 points x 2 for a total of 9 points.
  • 3rd Place will earn 1 point for entering the tournament plus 3 points x 2 for a total of 5 points.
  • 5th Place will earn 1 point for entering the tournament plus 1 point x 2 for a total of 3 points.

Golden Nugget will utilize the Bravo Tournament Watch rating system to record and track all tournament entrants, winners and number of points earned. The Tournament Leaderboard will be generated and displayed on a weekly basis in the Poker Room for the duration of the promotion.

The promotion will be funded by extracting $2.00 from each Tournament entry or re-entry fee collected. Those monies will be placed in the Tournament Leaderboard promotional fund. At the conclusion of the promotional period the distribution of the promotional funds to the top twenty (20) players on the Tournament Leaderboard will be as follows:

Place of Finish | Payout
1st Place | 25% of promotional fund
2nd Place | 15% of promotional fund
3rd Place | 10% of promotional fund
4th Place | 8% of promotional fund
5th Place | 6% of promotional fund
6th Place | 5% of promotional fund
7th Place | 4% of promotional fund
8th - 10th Places | 3.5% of promotional fund
11th - 13th Places | 2.5% of promotional fund
14th - 15th Places | 2% of promotional fund
16th - 20th Places | 1% of promotional fund

Guests must have a 24K Select Players Club card to participate. Bet with your head, not over it. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Management reserves all rights to change or cancel at any time.