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Golden Nugget Lake Charles

Football Squares

Every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday Night NFL Game

Football Squares in the Poker Room


  • Scores from the end of 1st Quarter = $200
  • Scores from the end of 2nd Quarter = $200
  • Scores from the end of 3rd Quarter = $200
  • Final scores from the game = $400

Every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday night NFL game in the month of December. Each player may sign up for two (2) squares. Players must be in action on a live jackpot eligible poker game to be able to sign up for the squares and win this promotion. Players may fill in the squares an hour before kickoff. If there are two night games, the first game will be the official game. If the winning square has two players, we will pay the full amount to each player. All squares must be filled before there may be two players on a single square. If there’s no winner for any of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Quarters, the full amount will rollover into the final score prize of that game. If there’s no winner for the final score, the full amount will roll over to the next promotional game day’s final score payout. Random numbers will be drawn at the kickoff of each promotional game. At the end of each quarter, the Poker Supervisor will re-draw the numbers for the squares. In the event we are unable to broadcast a promotional NFL game in the Poker Room, then the football squares promotion total payouts will rollover to the final score of the next promotional game.

Join us in the poker room!