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Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Catering Policies


Guarantees for all functions must be given to the Catering Office by 12 noon three working days prior to the function. If no guarantee is received, the last received number of persons will be used as the guarantee. Actual charges will be based on the guaranteed number, or the number of people actually served, whichever is greater. In addition, we will not be obligated to serve or set for more than 3% above your guaranteed number. If the guarantee falls below 15% of the original number of estimated attendees, Golden Nugget reserves the right to charge room rental, charge service fees and/or relocate your group to a smaller room.

Tax and Service Charge

All food and beverage prices are subject to state sales tax, currently 8.15% and 22% service charge. Tax-exempt organizations must furnish a certificate of exemption to the Catering Office at least three weeks prior to the event.

Minimums and Additional Fees

There are 25 person minimum guarantees for most menus unless otherwise noted. For all food functions fewer than 25 people there will be a $250.00 labor charge in addition to being charged for the minimum amount of guests. A $300.00 fee will be charged for any additional set-up on the day of the function. A $200.00 fee will be charged if the room set-up is to be changed within 48 hours of the function. Additional fees of $200.00 per 15 minutes will be assessed, when events exceed the contracted ending time.

Food and Beverage

Prices are subject to change without notice. The Golden Nugget Catering Department is the sole provider of all food and beverage served in the banquet facilities. Food or beverages may not be removed from the banquet facilities.

Deposit, Payment and Cancellation

The Catering Department will determine the deposit amount and due date. Unless credit has been established in advance with the Golden Nugget, full payment of the estimated balance is due 30 days prior to the function. The function sponsor agrees, by signing the Banquet Event Orders for food, beverage, and/ or services, he/she acknowledge the fact that there is no dispute over such services. The sponsor is solely responsible for the payment of the total amount due. Any cancellation will result in loss of deposit. Any cancellation received within three months will result in charges based upon the following:

  • 90 to 45 days prior - Loss of deposit plus 25% of estimated catering revenue
  • 16 to 44 days prior- Loss of deposit plus 50% of estimated catering revenue
  • 15 days prior to day of function - Loss of deposit plus 100% of estimated catering revenue

Displays, Exhibits, Signs and Decorations

Displays, signs, and decorations must be of professional quality and may not be used unless the Golden Nugget gives written approval for them. Affixing any materials to the walls, floors, or ceilings is not permitted. Any banners that need to be hung will be done by the Golden Nugget Staff at a charge of $40.00 per banner. A charge of $25.00 per table will apply when four or more display and/or tabletop exhibit tables are requested in a room. Any function that has an admission charge or fee, or has merchandise for sale, must be approved and licensed with the City of Las Vegas License Board. A copy of the certificate must be presented to the Catering Office two weeks prior to the event.

Audio/Visual Equipemnt

All audiovisual equipment requests must be directed through ENCORE EVENT TECHNOLOGIES. Sub-contracting or providing your own audiovisual equipment and/or services is not permitted.

Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act

In accordance with the Nevada Clean Indoor Act, smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Carson Tower Convention Center Level and Grand. Please disseminate this information to attendees of your event.

Liquor Service

One bar is required for every 100 guests. For all bars, a labor charge of $175.00 for each bartender will be added to the banquet check. An additional setup charge of $200.00 for each cash bar will be added to the banquet check.


Should you desire to provide security or the Golden Nugget require you to have security for your event only Golden Nugget security personnel may be used.

Damage to Equipment or Facilities

Patron agrees to be responsible for any damage done to equipment or function room during the time the premises is under their control, including but not limited to, damage or excessive cleanup made necessary by florists, decorators, or outside agencies during set-up or tear-down.


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