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Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Hand of Faith

Hand of Faith

In the September, 1980, Kevin Hillier took his new metal detector out for a spin in his tiny hometown of Wedderburn, Australia. Instead of a bottle cap or a paper clip, he found a 61-pound golden nugget barely a foot underground. Today, it makes its home in our lobby.

The Hand of Faith is the biggest golden nugget in existence, the second-biggest ever discovered, and the biggest ever found with a metal detector. (And in case you’re wondering, Hillier made out just fine. He sold his golden nugget to the Golden Nugget for over a million dollars.)

The next time you're visiting the Mississippi Gulf Coast, see the Hand of Faith Display for yourself. It's an amazing gem, a real golden nugget. And, what better place to admire it than the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Biloxi?